GEOSHIELD® is the smooth turquoise inner lining of the WASTEFLOW tube that contains an anti–microbial and Viton®, a Teflon-like fluoroethylene slip agent*. GEOSHIELD is an anti-microbial. It does not treat the water flowing through the tube.

GEOSHIELD has been found to be effective in preventing a slime build–up inside the tube, even with effluent that has very high BOD.

GEOSHIELD works on the energy systems of the microbial cell. GEOSHIELD will work as long as the polymeric matrix remains intact because the antimicrobial agent is inherent within the polymeric structure.

There is virtually no discharge of GEOSHIELD into the environment because the active ingredient does not migrate readily through polymeric matrices.  GEOSHIELD is only available in the WASTEFLOW product range.

To understand the difference between the Geoshield inorganic compound vs. OBPA arsenic based organic compounds please see the SPE article "Killer Plastics - Antimicrobial additives for polymers"

* Patent US 2009/0250137 A1


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