Flexible emitterline for subsuface treated wastewater dispersal. 

Guaranteed root intrusion protection plus antimicrobial.



The flexible polyethylene dripline has large turbulent fIow emitters regularly spaced along the line. With the dripline hidden about six inches below ground, effluent is distributed slowly and uniformly, reducing ponding, even in difficult soils and hilly terrain.

WASTEFLOW is built to last. The emitters are protected against root intrusion by the ROOTGUARD® patented process, and the dripline wall is protected from biological growth with a bactericide lining.

WASTEFLOW is easily adaptable for projects ranging in size from single family homes to large multi-million gallon per day projects.


WASTEFLOW is available with either classic turbulent flow emitters (WASTEFLOW Classic) or with pressure compensating emitters (WASTEFLOW PC).

WASTEFLOW dripline has precision molded, large flow path emitters inserted into 1/2" tubing every 2ff. The standard nominal flow rate per emitter is 1GPH. The standard spacing for effluent dispersal is 24 X 24 inches. Different flow rates, tube diameters and spacings are available against special order. The 1/2" tubing presents a smooth exterior for easy insertion into the ground. Use CA6OO compression adapters to connect the dripline to PVC pipe.

Both WASTEFLOW Classic and WASTEFLOW PC are 100% manufactured in the USA under U.S. patents.

Part Number

Emitter Spacing

  • Diameter

Turbulent Flow Passage


Max. Length of Run

Flow Rate




0.64"OD x 0.55"ID

0.053" x 0.053"

10 psi

210 ft.

0.93 gph


15 psi

210 ft.

1.13 gph


25 psi

210 ft.

1.49 gph


30 psi

210 ft.

1.64 gph




0.64"OD x 0.55"ID

0.036" x 0.043"

15 psi

211 ft.

1.0 gph


25 psi

315 ft.

1.0 gph


35 psi

379 ft.

1.0 gph


45 psi

429 ft.

1.0 gph

When to use WASTEFLOW PC vs. WASTEFLOW Classic 

Advantages of WASTEFLOW PC 

Very long lateral runs are possible. 

Steep slopes require fewer pressure regulators. 

Rolling terrain. If the difference of height from trough to peak is greater than 6 foot, then WASTEFLOW PC is justified. Vacuum relief valves must be placed at the top of each rise. 

Disadvantages of WASTEFLOW PC 

More expensive. 

Contains a silicon rubber diaphragm which may not last as long as the plastic components. 

Systems with large elevation changes that are not designed very carefully are prone to the creation of vacuum upon shut down, causing soil ingestion. The dirt may lodge permanently under the diaphragm.


ROOTGUARD is the key to WASTEFLOW's success below ground. ROOTGUARD technology combines Treflan® in the drip emitter to inhibit root growth. The herbicide is released at a uniform rate, maintaining sufficient concentration in the soil immediately surrounding the drip outlet to prevent longitudinal root growth into the emitter. ROOTGUARD life is a function of the mean soil temperature. The system is guaranteed not to fail due to root intrusion for 15 years, with an expected life of 20+ years. Please read the limited warranty in our design and installation manual.

WASTEFLOW is only guaranteed when

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WASTEFLOW is manufactured under U.S. patents 5 332 160, 5 116 414 & foreign equivalents 

ROOTGUARD is a registered trademark of A.I.Innovations 

Treflan is a registered trade-mark of Dow AgroSciences.