Technology and Innovation: Advancing Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Enhanced Performance

Geoflow’s Groundbreaking Solutions


Geoshield is effective in preventing biofilm build–up in drip tubing or on filter discs. It is an anti–microbial that acts as a Teflon-like slip agent. It does not treat the effluent flowing through the system. It solves long-term operation and maintenance issues associated with excessive biofouling. Geoshield is the turquoise-colored component found exclusively in WaterflowPRO®, WaterflowECO®, and BioDisc®.

Geoshield is covered under U.S. and foreign patents.



Roots can clog drip emitters in systems buried below mulch or below the soil surface, and this tendency, historically, limited the service life of the system. Now, through a unique marriage of polymer and root-growth inhibitor, Geoflow’s patented nano-Rootguard band is an inner lining that creates a long-term, controlled-release method for preventing root intrusion into the drip emitters. Nano-Rootguard is time tested and proven to keep the drip emitters clean and clog-free.

Rootguard is covered under U.S. and foreign patents.