Nutrient Update Various Crops EPA Table 4–11

Crop evapotranspiration - Guidelines for computing crop water requirements - FAO Irrigation and drainage paper 56

Crop Yield Response to Water - FAO paper 66

SDI and Yields

Goodnight, Late Blight

SDI Reduces Alternaria in Pistachios

Subsurface Drip Irrigation offers the Right Advantages

SDI: The future of Irrigation is Underground

Improving Alfalfa Irrigation in the West

Root Intrusion Prevention by David Zoldoske of the Center for Irrigation Technology

Microirrigation of Almonds by John P. Edstrom and Larry J. Schwankl, University of California Cooperative Extension, Davis, Ca 95616

ANIMAL (CAFO) WASTE REUSE                                                   NEW AUGUST 2012


CAFO Closed Loop Flow Chart


Increasing Crop Yields via CO2 Emissions by Goorahoo et. al. (CIT)


Glomalin - Soil Aggregates and CO2 - USDA


Estrogens Persist in Dairy Farm Wastewater - Illinois Sustainable Technology Center


Nutrient Recovery by S.  Dvorak and C. Frear - Washington State U.


Reuse of Dairy Lagoon Wastewater through SDI in Forage Crops - E. Norum, L. U-Kosaramig, R Ruskin.


Forage Subsurface Drip Irrigation using Treated Swine Effluent by K. C. Stone, P. G. Hunt, J. A. Millen, and M. H. Johnson

Irrigating with Swine Wastewater by the USDA -- Read more at

WERF - Evaluation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Septic Systems

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