Nano-ROOTGUARD BAND is the key to Geoflow’s success with subsurface drip irrigation.
ROOTGUARD technology combines Trifluralin®, or in the E.U. Balan®, with the drip emitter to inhibit root growth. The herbicide is released at a uniform rate, maintaining sufficient concentration in the soil immediately surrounding the drip emitter to prevent root growth into the emitter. Built-in ROOTGUARD BAND protection is guaranteed by Geoflow to prevent roots from growing into subsurface drip emitters. Nano-ROOTGUARD BAND is a patented Geoflow improvement which increases the expected life from 20years to 30 years. Balan & Trifluralin are registered trademarks of Dow AgroSciences

Subsurface drip systems use the same basic components as surface drip systems, including water filtration and treatment, fertilizer injection, air vents, flush valves and controls.

Geoflow specializes in manufacturing trouble-free subsurface drip irrigation, in both pressure compensating and turbulent flow models, with ROOTGUARD BAND protection.

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