A world-wide licensee, excluding Israel, India and Colombia, in the landscape market is the Toro Company. Please see: http://www.toromicroirrigation.com  for information about their DL2000 product.


Healthier, Better Quality Turf
Direct irrigation encourages sturdy and deep root growth. A dry surface reduces disease as well as damage to grass caused by human and equipment traffic.

Less System Damage
Hidden below ground, the system is safe from breakage caused by vandalism, theft, automobiles, aerators and mowers. The absence of moving parts reduces the risk of failure.

Improved Soil Aeration
Without sprinkler droplets to cause compaction, fine soil particles will not wash into the ground.

Safe Soft Surface
GEOFLOW tm systems eliminates human injury and equipment damage caused by sprinkler heads.

Flexible Irrigation Scheduling
A field can be used and played on or maintained during the irrigation cycle.

Reduced Liability
Subsurface drip only delivers water where it is needed, without creating slippery wet areas.

Less Fertilizer
Direct delivery of fertilizer through the system reduces waste and pollution of the aquifer.

Less Energy
The low-pressure system requires less energy to send water to the plant zone.

Reduce Cost
By decreasing water, fertilizer, maintenance, energy–use, disease and liability, GEOFLOW tm systems are less expensive in total cost than traditional sprinkler systems.

Substantial Water Savings
No More water loss due to evaporation, mist, surface runoff and wind interference. The controlled-grid systems waters the area uniformly by capillary actions, and avoids the waste of overspray.

Easy to Install
Driplines, 1 to 4 at a time, can be installed 6 to 8 inches below ground. Plows do not harm existing turf.