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WaterflowPRO Drip Tubing

Drip Tubing

Geoflow offers different types of tubing, depending on facility type, site conditions, soil loading conditions, and budget.


16mm tubing with Rootguard® and Geoshield®


17mm tubing with Geoshield®


Commercial line


Residential line



Headworks are placed between the dosing pump and drip field to prevent debris or solids from entering the drip tubing. DripFilterPRO and DripFilterECO headworks utilize our BioDisc© filter lines with patented Geoshield technology.
Subsurface Irrigation Controls


Controls, also known as control panels or controllers, are the brain of the system. They perform process control where timed cycles of dosing, resting, filter flushing, and field flushing are alternated. They are designed and rated for outdoor use.

Intelligent Management

Geoflow offers many control panel options. Control panel selection depends on facility type and system configuration. Custom control panel options are available.

SDI Control box

Seamless Integration

Part numbers and other information can be found in the catalog. Drawings are available as PDFs or DWG file formats.


Geoflow offers multiple components or accessory parts for a complete subsurface drip irrigation system. Information and part numbers can be found in our catalog available for download. Drawings are available in PDF and DWG file formats.


Explore the diverse applications of our products, tailored to meet the unique water management needs of both commercial and residential settings.


Commercial and Community

Unlocking Efficiency and Sustainability: Geoflow’s Subsurface Drip Systems Revolutionize Wastewater Management for Convenience Stores, Retail, Hotels, Schools, and More!



Elevate Your Property’s Sustainability: Geoflow’s Subsurface Drip Systems Enhance Wastewater Management for Single-Family Homes, Multi-Family Communities, Vacation Homes, and More!