Efficient Filtration and Customizable Options

Advanced Filtration and Versatile Configurations for Optimal Drip Irrigation Performance


Experience Enhanced Filtration and Flexibility with DripFilterECO Headworks

The DripFilterECO headworks is a pre-assembled unit including BioDisc filter, zone valve(s), and fittings that may be mounted inside a valve box or dosing tank riser. A fully pre-assembled 26″ diameter HDPE basin option is available. The headworks is installed between the dosing pump(s) and the drip field. The unit filters out fine particles or solids from entering the drip tubing and incorporates either manual or automatic filter washdown and manual or automatic field flushing. DripFilterECO headworks come in various models and configurations with flow rates designed to suit the application.

DripFilterECO by GeoFlow