WASTEWATER nano-ROOTGUARD® BAND - now guaranteed against root intrusion for 15 years - for the  terms please see the warranty.

Nano-ROOTGUARD® BAND. Subsurface drip is an efficient and cost effective method to irrigate agricultural crops, landscape and turf areas and to reuse or dispose effluent water. Roots can clog drip emitters in systems buried below mulch or below the soil surface, and this tendency historically limited the service life of the system. Now, through a unique marriage of polymer and root-growth inhibitor, Geoflow, working with researchers at Battelle's Pacific Northwest Laboratories created long-term, controlled-release devices that establish a root barrier zone.

Rodney Ruskin, Geoflow’s CEO, worked with Battelle scientists to engineer ROOTGUARD BAND, a patented process that prevents roots from entering the emitters, specifically for subsurface drip applications. The active ingredient, trifluralin, or in the E.U. benfluralin or pendimethalin, is impregnated into each drip emitter during the molding process to direct root growth away from the drip emitter.  ROOTGUARD BAND allows Geoflow to use drip emitters with large flow paths that have proven to keep clean and clog-free. Subsurface drip irrigation systems protected with the ROOTGUARD BAND offer all the benefits of the buried drip irrigation technology without the problem of root intrusions. Nano-ROOTGUARD BAND is a patented Geoflow improvement (U.S. patent 6821028 and foreign equivalents) which increases the expected life from 20years to 30 years.  For more information please click on the links below:

A Picture of a Root–ball around a ROOTGUARD BAND Protected Emitter

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Supplemental EPA label for trifluralin which covers ROOTGUARD

Material Safety Data Sheets for trifluralin and benfluralin

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